FAQ Third party quoting platforms

Bring your third-party platform of choice to connect with our digital business tools out of the box. Depending on the platform you select, the integration with our pricing, availability and/or ordering tools may all ready be done.

Once you have identified your quoting or ecommerce platform and know you need credentials, reach out to b2bsupport@scansource.com to initiate your request. Make sure to include your ScanSource customer number and which platform you selected. Each of the platforms have integrated and updated their system at different times. If you have old credentials, they may not be the same ones used for another tool.

The most common platforms use our master catalog parts file and update pricing and availability using our REST APIs.

When asked for product file credentials try the following.

FTP URL for master file: catalog.scansource.com
Username: scsc_linecard
Password: 1line-card
Filename: master.txt

When asked for API key credentials.

Customer number: Reach out to your Financial Services or Account Team if you are not sure of your customer number.
Client ID: When logged in, this is found under your Profile accessed from the Header menu options above. Click on Organization Subscription Information.
Client Secret: The client id and secret are used as part of OAuth 2.0 a common API access validation. A new token can be obtain with each request for a secure connection.
API Key: Your Primary Subscription Key pulled from the Organization Subscription Information.

Make sure to remove any additional characters or spaces when pasting credentials from your clipboard.