EDI Specs

Customer Specifications

Exchanging documents with ScanSource brings you immediate order processing and responses you can use to update your systems.

Testing Environment:


AS2 Software      IBM Sterling B2B Integrator
AS2 Identifier     ScanSourceTST

AS2 URL Address                http://b2btst.scansource.com:9560/inbound/as2

Production Environment:


AS2 Software    IBM Sterling B2B Integrator
AS2 Identifier   ScanSourcePRD

AS2 URL Address                http://b2b.scansource.com:9560/inbound/as2

Trading Partners should open firewalls for the ScanSource IP address range to receive transactions.

Training Partners should NOT use IP addresses when connecting to a ScanSource service.
We use DNS load balancing and failover techniques that will cause errors if the IP address is used when connecting to a ScanSource service to send transactions.

ScanSource IP range   (
Signing Algorithm         SHA256 is preferred, but SHA1 is allowed.
Encryption Algorithm  Triple DES 168

Scansource does not charge per-document or set-up fees for EDI transactions.  


Catalog Files

Whether a basic file with simple descriptions - or an enhanced file with access to pictures and spec sheets - our catalog list supports your product info systems, back-office tools, or digital eCommerce needs.

Bundle the catalog with our pricing and availability API, to offer your customer's real-time data when they are asking for it.