EDI Specs

Customer Specifications

Exchanging documents with ScanSource brings you immediate order processing and responses you can use to update your systems.

Customer 850 Customer 855 Customer 856 Customer 810
Testing Environment:


AS2 Software      IBM Sterling B2B Integrator
AS2 Identifier     ScanSourceTST

AS2 URL Address                http://b2btst.scansource.com:9560/inbound/as2

Production Environment:


AS2 Software    IBM Sterling B2B Integrator
AS2 Identifier   ScanSourcePRD

AS2 URL Address                http://b2b.scansource.com:9560/inbound/as2

Trading Partners should open firewalls for the ScanSource IP address range to receive transactions.

Training Partners should NOT use IP addresses when connecting to a ScanSource service.
We use DNS load balancing and failover techniques that will cause errors if the IP address is used when connecting to a ScanSource service to send transactions.

ScanSource IP range   (
Signing Algorithm         SHA256 is preferred, but SHA1 is allowed.
Encryption Algorithm  Triple DES 168

Scansource does not charge per-document or set-up fees for EDI transactions.  


Catalog Files

Whether a basic file with simple descriptions - or an enhanced file with access to pictures and spec sheets - our catalog list supports your product info systems, back-office tools, or digital eCommerce needs.

Bundle the catalog with our pricing and availability API, to offer your customer's real-time data when they are asking for it.